star 87 "Stoppers" solution by Erwin042

Take the transporter up but get off immediately when you're at the island.
If you stay on the transporter, the scritter'll run away further. I need the scritter.

Take the other transporter back to shore.
Go across and go left. The scritter moves 1 transporter down.

Now go back across. Go left, so the scritter moves on the transporter going down.

The moment you get near the scritter, he will jump off the transporter!
Now you've got to move him back on!

When the scritter is on the left transporter, take the other to go up too.
When the scritter takes the right one. You have to put him back across to move him on the left transporter!

Go into the teleporter. A scritter's sitting in the north.
When you come out of the teleporter, that scritter moves 1 square up.
So he steps on the pink button. So you're teleported straight back.

Use the yellow transporters to collect the 2 red gems.

Then step on the blue button. These transporters will run to the middle.
You'll need to use them to get to the exit. How?

Move the scritter to take the left transporter. Not the right transporter!
That yellow transporter will stop the blue transporter when you're on it.

So you take the yellow transporter on the right and go up.
Step on the blue transporters.
The second one will ride you towards the scritter.

You scare him off and he moves into the gap.
Now you can step on that yellow transporter.
But that yellow transporter brings you back. So step off then and step back on so he be back up.

Now step on the blue transporter above to go up.

Now you're near the star. So first pick up the2 coins and go to the star.

1 rainbow log will pop up outside to another level.

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