star 89 "Wakka Wakka level 2"

I can't give you a complete guide to complete this level.
It's too complicated to write where you have to go first.

You can play this level with the cursors.

I can give you hints on how to complete the level.
The hints were all given on the Wonderland board.

The chomper is faster than you. When he's gaining on you and he's about 2 squares away from you,
run for the nearest teleporter.

Don't keep pointing ahead when you enter a teleporter. Just stop pointing then.
If you keep pointing when you enter a teleporter you'll continue to walk
straight away when you exit too.
Then you can enter the neighbour teleporter so you end up where you started.
And then the chomper gets you!
On some teleporters you have to change your directions after stepping out of it.
So stop pointing ahead.
Same problem with the cursors. When entering a teleporter, keep your finger off the cursor!

There is still the chomper and...

Collect gems in straight lines. Don't try to clear out 1 area after another.

Watch the video solution

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