star 91 "Brick Buster Level 2" solution by Erwin042

Don't loose time, immediately pick up the green gems (yellow lines) and step on the green button.
Stay on the button!
The spikes're coming again.
Go straight to the yellow and orange gems near the blocks (red line).
Don't wait or hesistate. You have to know before the level starts what to do first!!

So if it doesn't go the first try, try again. The best way to collect the 2 green gems, is stay
near the green gates. Go to the green button as last.

Now you can rest. So save the game now.

But what with that last row?

That is a lot more work!

First pick up the pink and orange gems marked in the red circle.
Then the spike follows the yellow arrow and blasts into the kegs.
Don't try it on the other side. It won't work.


(during the blast of the kegs!)
The red gems yellow circled are the last gems you have to pick up.
Every other gem may be picked up!

almost there! Just waiting for picking up that green gem.
You have to wait till the spike has turned and is blasting the blocks to get the last red gems.

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