star 92 "Blast'Em level 2" a guide by Erwin042

There is no straight solution on how you have to walk to get to the end.
When all blocks are exploded, the level ends.
Just avoid the fireballs from the six fireflowers on top.
Avoid the chompers!
Avoid the spikes.
Don't stop or wait. The fireflowers keep shooting at you!
You can direct the scritters so the spikes can turn on the blocks.

To get more points, you can kill all spikes.
When the spikes are bouncing aside the wall, walk aside them.
The fireflowers'shots come in your direction but when they shoot you're gone.
But you follow the chain of spikes. So the fireballs will hit a spike.

You can kill 5 fireflowers. But then you loose a lot of firepower.
It's best to wait until there are a few (less than 5) blocks left.

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