star 93 "Wonderland Adventure Level 2" a solution by Erwin042 & Kleef079

As in level 1:
Your goal is to find keys and open gates to finally find the golden star.
To do so, you'll walk thru mazes and avoid chompers.
You'll need a good working lamp or a glowing gem to find your way in the dark!

Before entering a room with a chomper, it's best to save your game!

You start at the yellow gate.
You're in the main room.
Here you can go to the left or to the right.

First go to the left. And enter the room.
On entrance there is a chomper coming your way.

The chomper is coming your way! (green circle)
So avoid contact with it. First go to the right and all the way around.
So you end up to the left where you started from.
In the red circle is the red key.

On your walk around, you saw the red key (red circle).
You need this urgently! So run to it to pick it up!

Go up zigzagging. The chomper's still behind you!
Point ahead on the red key, so you'll go automaticly to the red key.

Your're near the red key. Pick it up!!
You have to run to the yellow teleporter (at end of yellow arrow)

You'll need that chomper closer on your back.
So he'll follows you all the way to the yellow teleporter.
If you don't wait for the chomper and go straight to the teleporter,
the chomper may turn around (yellow circle)
and he may come very close on you, while going to the teleporter.
He even may catch you!

When you've been teleported, there is another chomper coming!
So avoid him!

After the yellow teleporter, I went a bit to the left to see where that chomper is coming from.
You don't have to do this. Just wait for the chomper to come.

When the chomper is in sight, you walk to the left. Not to far away.
Follow those black arrows.
You need to go around so you can safely walk to the right. With that chomper behind you!

You activate twice the green button. Why?
At the north there are 2 green gates.
The chomper's stepped on the button a first time. So the 2 gates are down.
If you step over the green button once, the gates will go up.
But the chomper behind you will step also on the green button. So the gates are down again.
So you need to activate the green buttons twice.

Why do you need those gates for?
On your return from that castle at the top, the chomper will be waiting for you.
To make sure you're not get caught by the chomper, those green gates have to stand up.
So you can run around one of them to loose that chomper more easily
and return back to the bottom.

So step 1 time over the green button. And...
Step then a second time only on the button and step back off so you can walk right away north.

Don't step the second time over the button, then you'll push it a third time when going north.
Then the chomper steps on it. And the green gates north are not up.
So you can't get ride of the chomper after your return from the red castle!

Go north. See those 2 green gates? There are up!
Now open the red gate with your red key.
Keep going or the chomper will get you!!

You'll enter a dark room.

Follow the white arrow. So take a left.

Follow the white arrow.

Follow the white arrow to the orange teleporter.

On your exit of the teleporter, you're at the yellow key.
Pick it up.
Now go back to the red arrow of this room.

After your exit, there is that chomper again.
You have to run to a green gate.
It's even possible the chomper is just behind you when you leave the red castle.
So you don't have to go around a green gate!

Wait for the chomper to follow you. And go around so the chomper follows you around.
Then you can make your way back to the bottom of this maze.
So over the green button and then to the left, to the yellow teleporter.

You're out of the yellow teleporter.
That chomper is coming to you. So watch out where you're going.
You need to go down. To the red arrow.
Once you're back in the main room, go to the right.

So enter the next room.

Go right, down and into the blue teleporter.

Now enter the next room on the red arrow.

First open the white gate with your white key.
Then pick up the yellow key.

Then go to the left onto the wall. Wait until the chomper is in front of you.
Then go and pick up the gem. The chomper is slower than you, so you'll outrun it.
Then go back to the red arrow for the exit of this room.

Now return to the main room!
I'll hope you know the way back!

Now open the yellow gate with the yellow key.

You've got the golden star!!

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