star 97 "Blast'Em Level 3" a solution by Erwin042

Hit the fireflowers by their own fireballs 4 times so they die.
The fireballs have to hit the ice wall so they return to its shooter to kill.
If the red wall is up, some fireballs end up at the wall.
But avoid those fireballs at all cost!

General rule:
The way to kill a fireflower is to stand in a straight line with it and wait till it shoots.
Then step aside (don't know how many squares, it depends on the situation)
and wait for the fireball to return. It hits the fireflower.
Now only 3 more hits to go till the fireflower is died.

Not all hits are caused from a straight line. Don't know how this hit is formed.
But when it does occure, it's in your advantage!

I haven't tried to finish this level beginning on the left side!

Move aside as soon as you start. The first shots are at your start position.
You can make it before the red button row after this first shot.
You don't have to.
Make sure then you are on the right side just before the first red button.
Then wait for the next shot.
Immediate step right and go around the shot. (black arrow)
Step on the red button.

I'm on the red button in a straight line before the right fireflower.
After they shoot, I'll walk left to the button before the middle fireflower.

On the next shot, the middle fireflower shoots in line at me, then
I run to the outmost left button. I'll stay there till I hear/see a shot.

After the next shot is fired, you step off the button row. So against the wall.

After the next shot, step back on the left most button.This shot came from the right.
Immediate after you stepped on the red button, you'll see the left fireflower shot.
So walk immediately to the middle red button before the middle fireflower.
After a shot from that fireflower and another, walk to the right.
The fireflower in front of you will fire then, so step off the button.

When the next shot is fired, step back on the button.
If a fireball is returning, run to the next button but return afterwards.

I'll hope you get the picture how to continue.

One fireflower is died.

The middle fireflower gets its last shot!

The left fireflower gets its last shot!

I finished the level this way.

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