98 - Wonderland Adventures level 3

Go up (center) from the starting room to get the white key. Just run straigt up and back down - there's no time for sightseeing here.

Go down from starting room.

Collect the 6 coins in the dark room. Exit the room at the red arrow pointing left (Pictures made brighter than in the game).

Use the white key to get the red key. It makes it easier if you don't collect the gems before you get the red key. You may have to do a little 'dance' with the chomper.

Go back to the starting room the way you came.

Go up (at the left) from starting room.

Run quickly to the right and enter the teleporter. The chompers can no longer reach you.

Make your way to the red gate.

Use the red key to enter the last dark room.

Find the 3x3 cluster of walls (bottom left corner-ish). Go to the center of the 3x3 cluster. You will now have a blue dot in your inventory bag (Pictures made brighter than in the game).


Go back to the big starting room the way you came.

Go to the rightmost wall (above the red down arrow). 2 squares from the top the wall looks slightly wrong. Stand in front of the 'wrong' wall' and use the dot. Enter the wall and you have found THE SECRET ROOM....

Solution by Mette

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