star 99 "The Pyramid" solution by Erwin042

Note: I've made this solution while I was playing.
So after each safe point I made a picture and I wrote the text and what you will encounter next.
I know it's a long story.
This Adventure has three parts: one on the left, one on the right and the last one in the middle.
That's where you can get the yellow shard.
If you haven't saved your game and you need to restart the Adventure, you'll start back at the entrance of the pyramid.
So please save a lot of times your games. I can't say it as often as possible.
When you start this Adventure with the lamp. Check the status of the lamp.
Or you can buy a refill, or you can buy the glowing gem from the merchant. So please check this first.

The start

the text here speaks of coins needing for those holes.
When finishing 1 part of this level, you pick up 1 coin for the first hole.
After using these 2 coins, you enter the main room.

This is the main room, where you've to play the last part of this Adventure!
From now on, I'm telling the story what I did to get to the yellow shard.

Left part: "The Doors"

Now I go to the left. The 'easier' level in this Adventure.
It isn't easy but when you start on the right, you'll know what I meant!

That's the entrance!

I'm inside! I went from above to the right (white line) and now I'm on the right.
If I walk further downwards I bounce back! (that's the white arrow)
So there needs to be another way?
I need to get pass those popping gates. But how?

I'm standing just before the red gate.
I'm hearing a lot of sounds. From where? from the other part of this Adventure!
Save your game here before you get killed by a gate!

I stood in front of the gates.
Wait for the combination: red, orange, green, yellow. So the 4 first gates have go down.
Quickly go stand on the green, and stay there, till the other three gates go down.
If you can't see which colour is the green, it's the first greenish gate, just after the yellow!

I'm thru!
In the white circle, there is that strange coin I need!

Now I go back past the bouncer! So go back to above.

Now I'm using that coin! See what'll happen next?
A rainbow barrel pops up.

Now I go on to the right part of this Adventure.
Have you saved your game now too? You can save this position in another savegame!
If you got stuck in the next part, and your previous savegames were showing also the error you made,
then you can't really get to the right position anymore.
Only then you can reload this savegame you made here instead of restarting the whole Adventure!
So keep 1 savegame free for restarting a part you've finished.

The right part "trapping spikes with scritters"

Save often! Everytime you can't be hurt by anything or can't fell into something, please save.
Otherwise you have to start all over again from the very start of your laste savegame or of this adventure.

I nearly guide you thru this level step by step.
I'll explain every move you have to take and sometimes a move you may not take.
I could explain it shorter, but that's not what I wanted.

The entrance!

I'm down! 4 scritters? For what reason? Let's find out!!

I've moved 2 squares! and the scritters are in the cage! Now what?
Oh! But there are buttons in front of me. Maybe I can open a cage with 1 button.
But first I'll explore the rest of this level. Are there any more strange things too see here?
First I walk along the cages and I go to the left.

I'm in here now. I followed like the white line shows. I'm now going like the red arrow shows.
Wow! 8 Gems! It's a dead end so I return to those 2 pilars.
If you can't point right, use the right cursor on your keyboard.
Then I'm going south. Can I still go down?

These spikes're making that noise I heard on the left side! That's what it was!
So a spike is bouncing from left to right and is activating 2 buttons. For what reason?
I've to check this out! I still can go down, so I continue.

Go safely thru the lanes. So everytime a spike passes, I can walk thru.

More spikes! And more buttons too. But in the first lane is button on the right.
In the second on the left. in the third again on the right. In the fourth again on the left.
Are there more lanes? No I guess. Cos I saw something like watercircles more south.
So more exploration to do.

I'm thru! There is a button? What for? Can I step on it?
In the water there are barrels popping up and down. I think everytime a spike jumps on a button,
those barrels pop up. But another spike jumps too on a button, so the barrels pop down again.
I think I need to go on those barrels to find that coin?
So I need a way to stop those spikes jumping on the buttons over and over again.
So the barrels pop up once and I can go across. Im sure that over the bridge I'll find that coin.
Cos there are 2 barrel rows. So I have to run on the other to return to the red arrow.
The red arrow at the cages, where I entered this dark place.
Is there a way I can stop those spikes?
Oh yes! Scritters stop spikes and they can't be killed! (see levels in the sewers!)
So I need to find a way to move those scritters onto the buttons. But how?

but first I'll save my game. Then I step on that 'yellow' button and go back up to see what happened.

I stepped on the button. A yellow teleporter shows up.
But first I return north. Only 1 teleporter here.
To use a teleporter you'll need two of them. So where is that second one? Back north?
Maybe there's something else changed too. Yes, it is: that second yellow teleporter.
What is the meaning of this?
Well. When you've stopped the spikes in the lanes with the scritters on their side,
you'll need to go across the barrels.
Therefore you'll use the teleport.
So you land before the barrels and maybe can pick up the coin.
Going thru the lanes again, isn't possible.

Oké! But how can I get the scritters all aside the spikes?
Well. Like this!

First return to the scritters and the cages.

Now I step on the button and back off. The scritter is released and jumps behind the cage.
Now he's to go to the left.

So I step back on the button and make 1 step to the cage.
Yes! the scritter moves to the left. Fine!
Now I can go there too.

I can't set more scritters free at once. If you move all scritters to the spikes.
You can't control all scritters at once. A scritter can move accidentely in a lane.
A spike may turn and fall in the water.
There are 8 buttons to be pushed. When all 4 spikes fell into the water,
you can't move the 4 scritters on 8 buttons!
One scritter can block my way to move the other when we're with the spikes. And you can hit a spike.

So I'll have to return again for the next scritter.

Where will I put this first scritter? In the first lane or in the last one?
In the last one.
If you put the first scritter in the first lane. And you return with the second.
You scare off the first when you pass the first lane again.
Also that will cause the same problem when you try it with the last scritter.
If you did the second lane first and then the first. How can you go to the third and fourth lane then?
The teleporter only works once. And scritters don't use teleporters.
So this is no option neither.
It's even possible that the next spikes will turn left and end up in the water.

Here can it be, that your game isn't going the way I'll describe it.
The scritter isn't moving behind the cage but jumps before it!
You need 1 scritter behind the cages. So you need to do more moves. I played it this way too.
It's also possible that you need to leave the room cos the scritter is sitting on the red arrow!
So leave the room and you can guide the scritter to the upper alley. Make sure no other scritter
is released. the scritter may not cause any trouble on the way to the main room. But it will spoil
your view on this solution. I've played it like this too.
I managed to get 1 cage open and 1 scritter is in the alley.

Now back with the game! Get to the alley to the main hall.

We are now in the main hall to the lanes. (I walked like the white arrows)
I have to guide the scritter to the left first! (green circle = scritter)
And to the fourth lane.
I'd better move now square by square to see how the scritter moves into the lane.

I moved the scritter in the first lane. Now he's blocking the spike.
But I've to go down and in the lane too to get to the 4th lane.

the scritter is in the 2nd lane. I'm at the entrance to the first.
It getting dangerous now. I'll have to wait till this spike is passed to get to the next entrance.

I did this safely. The scritter is in the third alley. One more to go.

I did it! The scritter is in place. On the left is the spike.
But it can go wrong here too. The scritter is on place but the spike isn't on the button.
But still on the right side of the scritter.
Then the spike turns and falls in the water! Then so reload!!

I return to the cages. But I've to watch out not to hit a spike!

I'm back. Now I set a second scritter free.
And moved to the main hall.
But the scritter is on the left again.

I moved 3 squares down, so the scritter moves to the right. Where is he?
I move right to see where he is.

There he is. and not a square to far. Right in the way to the lanes.
I move down like when with the first scritter.
Hopefully I can make it to the second lane safely.

No! the scritter is in the third lane but the spikeball is left of the scritter.
I'll have to reload!

I moved to the second entrance and I saw the scritter move.
But now I don't see the spike nor the scritter.
So I went to the left to see what happened.
I see no spike moving in the third lane. So the spike must be trapped by the scritter! Yippie!
Now I can return to the cages and move a next scritter on the button in the second lane.

I'm now in the main hall with the third scritter.
We are in the right spot on the left.
So I'll move that scritter into the lane and into the second entrance.
Please save now, before going any further!! It's going to be very tricky!

The scritter is in the second entrance.
I can't see the spike. But I can hear the spike stepping on the switch.
I can see when the spike in the first lane is jumping on the first button.
I need to concentrate on the second spike's jump.
In your game the spike'll jump otherwise than in mine!! I can't give you straight guidelines.
I must hear a difference! So I can proceed.

I did it again. See the red circle? The spike on the left and the scritter aside!
Now back to set the last scritter free. So I can use it too.

We are in the main hall.
The scritter is in the entrance.
I must hear when the spike jumps on the button.
Then I have to move 1 square, so the scritter steps on the button.
Will I have success now?

Yes! It's done.
Now I'll go into the yellow teleporter and...
The barrels are up! So I can get across!

Yeah! The coin!!!!!

Now what to do? I'm back across the bridge.
Maybe straight thru the lanes?
I don't bother about the spikes. But I must see I don't get hurt.
I don't bother about the scritters anymore.
I need to go to the red arrow, so I can leave this horrible place.

You'll see the spikes jump again and the scritters are popping around too
Hey! One spike takes a turn (red circle) So it explodes in the water now! Wauw!!
I got to get to the red arrow now. I want to have that shard now!!
I have to save Wondertown!

I'm back above ground now!
I've used the coin now!
Now I can grab the yellow shard and I can continue my quest!
But... a blue shadow? Blocking my way?


The last part to "The Yellow Shard"

That blue statue is on a bridge. I'll must get over it. How?
I'd better move on.

I can talk to that 'statue'. So it's not a statue but a stinker?
Let's find out what he's to say.
Oh! I 'll get passed him, if I know all 7 answers!

Because this is THE solution for this Adventure, I'll give you the answers too.

There are 7 multiple-choice questions.
So each question has 7 choices where you have to find the right answer for it.
I prove to you why this answer is the correct one.
All answers can be found in the area where you have already been!
There isn't a question which you have to know something about future levels or future places in this game.
I'll give you pictures where you first encounter the items in the game.

So let's show the first question and its possible answers.
In the pictures with the question you can immediately see which choice you'll have to choose.
Cos the pointer is always on the right answer.

Why not any of the other choices?
I prove it! You came across the other choices. Following pictures will prove it too.



Second question!

You find the answer here!

3th question!

The answer is "Nih" Cos it comes from a movie
And the other choices are found in the Adventure "The Labyrint"
See the next pictures!


The last 2 pictures are expressions too. The stinker near the star says these too.
But the weren't one of the possibilities. I've shown you anyway to prove it.

Fourth question!

Answer (picture provided by weeStinker):

Fifth question!

Where did I find this?

Sixth question

I'll find the answer here

Seventh question

The answer you'll find here:

So you see the result here:

I went to the star.
I finally got out of the pyramid. But...

But where am I now? I've got the yellow shard!
But now?

Let's play!

This is The End of my Solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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