Wonderland Adventures Solutions

Need to know how to solve a level? Want to get all those Bonus Points? Check the links below for complete video solutions of selected levels in Wonderland Adventures!

Some Notes:

1. Other Levels:
Wonderland Adventures contains a lot of levels, but not all are necessary to complete the game. We have chosen a selection of "compulsory" levels. Note that in many areas you only need to complete a selection of levels (e.g. just enough to obtain 15 stars in the sewers). Don't feel obliged to stay in one area until all levels are solved - even if that does give you a chance at more bonus points and coins.

2. Cheat Code:
Use this with caution, but there is a cheat to skip unsolved levels. Cheat codes can quickly ruin the enjoyment of a game, so we encourage you to only use them as a last resort.

3. External Site:
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The Way To Wondertown (Orange Shard)
The first chapter sets the stage for the game's story (with the discovery of the Orange Shard) and allows you to get used to some of the basic game mechanics: movement, using objects, directing wee Stinkers, and finding and using your first magic spell.
Stinker Rescue
Stinker Resuce, Part 2
Passage of Fire
Frostbite Cave
Scritter Control
The Magic Gloves
Hop, Skip, and Blink
Fire and Ice

The Sewers (Indigo Shard)

Once you have reached Wondertown, make your way to meet Morklin. You will receive the Indigo Shard, but it will be stolen immediately. Try to stop the thief, then take Morklin's blue key to the entrance of the sewers.
The Pump House
Treasure Chamber
Water Works
Use the Green Key from "Water Works" to enter the second level of the sewers.
Freshwater Reservoir
Lost in the Sewers
Stinker in Peril
Fifteen Stars are needed to get to the lowest level of the Sewers.
To Catch A Thief
After retrieving the Indigo Shard, speak to Morklin again. You'll meet a new friend, and Morklin will open the bridge to Wondertown for you. From here you can explore much of Wonderland, buy items at the market (we highly recommend a Lamp and the Spy-Eye!), and solve many optional puzzles. Exit the town north to continue your quest for the Shards.

Mushroom Grove (Red Shard)

The Red Shard is hidden inside a cave underneath the Mushroom Grove. To reach it you will need to collect a set of Mushroom Keys from the surrounding area. Collect more than the minimum requirement to also receive bonus coins, points, and stars.
Pop and Blink
Chomper Cave
Helping Friends
Firing Squad
Pop Springs
Out of Sight
Good Flower, Bad Flower
As a side-quest, once you reach the harbour and complete the level "The Package", the video arcade in Wondertown opens. The arcade is filled with many retro-games inspired challenges.
The Package

Ice Caves and Foggy Mountains (Blue Shard)

Exit Wondertown through the east gate and travel North toward the mountains. Your first task will be to make your way through a series of mazes and caves filled with ice-based puzzles.
Stinkers on Ice
Blink on the Rocks
Melting Pot
Once out of the Ice Caves, travel west to speak to Gaboonga. The Blue Shard is locked away, and each level in the Foggy Mountains (to the east) reveals one clue to the lock's combination.
Learning to 'Brr'
Pinned Down
Red Chompers Red Keys
Mountain Rescue
Frozen Doors
Chomper Pinball
You should now have enough clues to figure out the possible options for the blue shard combination lock. If you're having difficulties deciphering the combination, highlight the following line with your mouse to read the combination:
--> Red,Green,Purple,Yellow,Orange,Blue,Indigo <--
Wait a second after stepping on each button and be sure not to confuse Blue (light blue) and Indigo (dark blue).
Thwart the Thwarts

The Temple Ruins (Rainbow Pool)

After receiving the blue shard, Wysp will tell you to return to Morklin in Wondertown. Speak to Morklin for information about the Rainbow Gates, then travel west toward the temple ruins. You need to find at least two Rainbow Keys to enter the Temple, then solve at least one side (north or south) of the puzzles to build a bridge to the Rainbow Pool.
Seven Locks
Stinkers in the Dark
One Way Tickets
Picking Colours
Underground Aqueduct

The Forbidden Forest And Lonely Top (Green Shard)

Once the Pool has been crossed, return to Morklin to learn the secret of the shards. To travel to Forest's End, hit the Red Shard three times and repeat the melody that is played. Forest's End has many optional adventures, the main quest leads you north into the Forbidden Forest. Find at least four Forest Keys and make your way through this disorienting forest to the Lonely Top.
Button Me Down
Round and Round
River Crossings
Within a Deep, Dark Forest
Once at the lonely top, four puzzles need to be solved to open the way to the final challenge, which contains the Green Shard.
Twist and Slide
The Race is On
There and Back Again
The Green Shard

The Wasteland and The Void (Yellow & Purple Shard)

Play the Green Shard three times to travel to the Wasteland. Find the Yellow Key and enter the pyramid. Seven questions have to be answered to obtain the Yellow Shard. Your quest will eventually lead you into the Void itself, where a final set of challenges need to be overcome before the Purple Shard is yours.
The Pyramid
Power Cubes A
Power Cubes B
Power Cubes C
Power Cubes D
The Purple Shard

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