Wonderland Adventures Mysteries of Fire Island Solutions

Need to know how to solve a level? Want to get all those Bonus Points? Check the links below for complete video solutions of selected levels in Wonderland Adventures!

Some Notes:

1. Other Levels:
Wonderland Adventures contains a lot of levels, but not all are necessary to complete the game. We have chosen a selection of "compulsory" levels. Note that in many areas you only need to complete a selection of levels (e.g. just enough to make it through the stone gates in the Fire Island jungle). Don't feel obliged to stay in one area until all levels are solved - even if that does give you a chance at more bonus points and coins.

2. Cheat Code:
Use this with caution, but there is a cheat to skip unsolved levels. Cheat codes can quickly ruin the enjoyment of a game, so we encourage you to only use them as a last resort.

3. External Site:
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Chapter 1: Wonderfalls
The first adventures should be pretty straight forward and familiarize you with the game controls. Follow the directions of other Stinkers to make your way to the Sky Machine.
Stalagmite Cavern
Turtle Cavern
Pop Magic
Twist and Turn
Flip Flop
In the Sky Machine room, you will need to watch the order of the pistons carefully to find the code to activate the machine ("1342").

Chapter 2: On the Beach

Once you have reached Fire Island, make your way to meet Oondy and the others at the makeshift Stinker Camp.
Jungle Creatures
A Change of Colour
Gemstone Lagoon
Once at the camp, talk to the green Wizard. You will also want to talk to the merchant to obtain larger bag, a glow gem. Finally, talk to the captain to obtain a Spy-Eye. Other items and tasks are optional.
Grow Magic

Chapter 3: Jungle and Jungle Canyon

Complete enough adventures to collect Stone Keys in these areas to make your way east through the canyon and to the large Stone gate. If you're desperate, the merchant will also sell you an extra key.
Teleporter Maze
Underground Stream
Turtle Navigation
The Ascent
Living on the Edge
Follow the River
The High Point
Waterfall Cliffs
Lost Lake
Once through the second set of Stone Gates, you will make contact with a surprising friend.
Boom or Bust

Chapter 4: Kaboom Village

There are many optional quests here, but your main task is to gain entrance to the Jungle Temple (north of the village). Talk to the Chief to get a key out of the village. Walk north and talk to the Professor about the temple. The Professor will send you south to talk to the Kaboom! merchant, who will lead you to Shortfuse. Rescue Shortfuse and the Temple Key is yours.
Tree of Life
Creature Feature
Crackle's Cramped Crab Cradle
Baby Go Boom
Obstacle Race

Chapter 5: The Jungle Temple

Once inside the temple, you need to solve enough adventures to open the path to the Star Key.
Spikey Situation
Red Crab Nesting Area
Colours of the Rainbow
Pool Room
Scritter Maze
Once you have the Star Key, return to the surface for an (unfortunate) surprise.
The Chase
You will end up trapped in the mirror room. Walk about a little and examine your surroundings. The mirror is a gateway to several parts of Fire Island and beyond. Using a "Glyph" changes the destination of the mirror.

Chapter 6: The Volcano

Use the "Fire Glyph" to access the caves beneath the volcano. Solve enough adventures to make it deep into the caverns.
Hot Enough for You?
Over and Under
Grow or Pay
Flippin' Hot
Once you meet Shiver, complete the given task to earn your freedom, as well as two new glyphs. Use the POWer
POW to the Rescue

Chapter 7: Retro World

Using the "Time Glyph" will transport you back to a world lost in time. Use your Floing Orbs to access these levels. All of these are optional, except for the very first (and very easy) level.

Chapter 8: The Magic Room

After completing the first "retro" level, Guggenheimer will wait for you in the mirror room. Follow Guggenheimer below to learn about casting "Floing" magic. You must complete at least the first challenge, all others are optional.
Floing Training 101
Floing Training 201
Floing Training 301
You will also find the "Ice Glyph", but cannot reach it yet.

Chapter 9: The Acid Pools

Now use the "Friend Glyph". The Acid Pools don't look very friendly. Make your way through the first section.
Treasure Hunt
Acid Lake
Acid Falls
The next section reveals the purpose of the "Friend Glyph" as you are reunited with some long lost friends. You most solve at least two challenges to access the lock pick.
Clear the Way
Acid Swamp
Return to the Ice Glyph, which can now be reached.

Chapter 10: Sundog Island

The final challenges await. Use the Ice Glyph to reach Sundog Island. First, find as many keys as possible by solving challenges in the exterior of Sundog Island.
Welcome To Sundog Island
The Fuse
Brr at the Shore
Ice Flower Cave
Abandoned Fort
Now enter the abandonded mine and make your way across the gap.
Across the Abyss
Time Your Blink
Lost in the Mines
Finally, solve enough adventures within the Ice Fortress (using the keys found in the first section of the chapter) to power down the gates to the Star Key and Home Glyph.
Gems on Ice
Rescue Mission
Ice Troll Outpost
Castle Walls
And, last but not least, complete a final challenge.
At the End of it All

This, of course, isn't the end of your adventures. There are 128 stars to find in total. If you need help finding (or solving) some of the more elusive adventures, remember to visit the games forum for further help.