Frazzled Highscores

# NAME Location Score
1. Gonzalo G. Alvarez Buenos Aires, ARG 8,037,532
2. Annie Ottawa, CAN 4,295,395
3. Milka Buenos Aires, ARG 3,388,053
4. Bill Furth Hudson, USA 3,256,190
5. Sonja V. Oslo, NOR 3,101,820
6. Steve-O Port Bruce, USA 1,702,015
7. Carolyn Miller London, UK 1,530,975
8. Helen Minot, USA 1,002,210
9. Samuel Dalby, SWE 672,470
10. Camy G Duluth, USA 670,190

Need to Improve Your Score?

Check out the Free Game Guide for Frazzled. It contains lots of hints about how to get higher scores. Pay special attention to the "Score Multiplier"... a higher multiplier will do wonders to your highscores.

How To Submit Your Score

Simply send an e-mail to using the following parameters:

1. State "Frazzled Highscore Submission" as the subject line.

2. Include the following information: Your name (as you'd like to see it listed), your location (city/country - optional), and your highscore (as listed on the Frazzled title screen).

3. For verification purposes, attach your player file to the e-mail. This file can be found in your 'Players' directory and is called 'yourname.pla'.

Scores will be verified before being posted. Midnight Synergy reserves the right not to post a score if it believes the score was achieved through cheating, or if the e-mail submission contains objectionable language. Only the highest score will be listed for each player.

Above all - have fun... it is just a game after all!