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Frazzled Game Guide

1. General Game Concepts

Frazzled is a game of quick thinking, fast reflexes, and nerves of steel. The object of the game is simple: catch and arrange bouncing balls over one hundred different levels. Each level introduces new challenges and new goals. Play to reach Level 100 or play to reach the highest score.

How to Play

In Frazzled you use the cursor (arrow) keys to control a paddle situated at the end of a long conveyor. At the start of each level, different coloured balls will begin bouncing toward you. Move your paddle left and right to catch them. Miss a ball and you get a strike... you're allowed three strikes - the fourth strike ends the game.

Balls can also be sped up by pushing the down arrow key.

Your paddle can hold a maximum of five balls. Pressing the Control Key or the Space Bar will drop a ball onto the playing field where it fill form a block of the same colour. Note that if you have more than one ball then the last ball caught is the first ball to be dropped.

The playing field also holds only a limited amount of blocks. However, once at least three blocks of the same colour are lined up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, they will disappear and make room for new blocks. Such an arrangement is called a "stack".

Each level in Frazzled gives you a different objective to reach. The first level only requires you to create three stacks. Simply catch the balls and drop them into columns sorted by colour... you will very quickly create three vertical stacks and complete the level. Subsequent levels introduce new challenges and also new objectives.

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