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Frazzled Game Guide

8. Why should I get the Full Version?

There are many reasons why we hope you will decide to buy the full version of Frazzled, but here are just five of them.

1. One Hundred Levels
While you can continue playing the first 25 levels of the demo version for as long as you wish - and can even compete in your own section of the global high score table - the real challenge awaits you in reaching level One Hundred! Not to mention the new graphics, new music, and new challenges that wait for you along the way.

2. Two Player Mode

Compete side-by-side with friends and family. Two players can compete on the same computer for the highest score... but there is a twist: the better one player plays, the more difficult the game gets for the other. If you complete combinations or chain reactions your opponent will face new colours, quicker gameplay, and more trouble! Quickly turn the tide by completing a difficult arrangement and watch him/her be outfrazzled!

3. Free Updates And Great Support
E-mail us twenty-four hours a day for quick and friendly help, whether it is a technical problem or a gameplay question. We stand 100% behind our games, and want to ensure that your experience is the best it can possibly be!

4. No Start-Up Delay
Get playing immediately... no wait for the start-up counter to finish.

5. That Warm And Fuzzy Feeling
We can't guarantee this one will work for you, but your support for independent games developers would be very much appreciated. By purchasing Frazzled you will help us continue to create more high quality games at great prices. What's there not to like about that? :)

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