''Itís addictive and itís fun: what more can you ask of a game?''
, PC Strategy Gamer

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The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush!

The twisted Mon Saanti Empire has unleashed its destructive force in a merciless invasion of other systems. Subverting formerly peaceful species and bio-engineering them into formidable enemies, the Mon Saanti forces have brought the entire Galaxy to the brink of chaos.

As commander of the IXS Prototype Fighter Craft, you are the best hope to restore order to the Galaxy. You will need to confront wave after wave of bizarre and powerful foes in your attempt to stop the alien menace.

Intense is the only word to describe the experience!


• Precise and easy to learn mouse controls
• Eight stages with over fifty attack waves
• Thirty distinct enemy types
• Fifteen different weapon systems
• All digitial audio-sountrack by ReFraction
• Beautiful 3D-rendered graphics

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Intensity XS: ReCharge
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''Itís addictive and itís fun: what more can you ask of a game?''
, PC Strategy Gamer
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