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THE MIDNIGHT POST * December 2005
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New Features Available In The
Return To Wonderland Platinum Edition

If you prefer not to have any surprises spoiled, read no further! Grab the Platinum Edition Update, and discover these new gameplay elements yourself. The best way to do so is to play the included brand new mini-adventure. Simply select "Start Game", then pick "Custom Levels", and enter the "Platinum Set" folder to access this set of twenty brand new levels. But if you must know... read on.

1. Trampolines
Bounce to new heights with these versatile toys. Stinky and the gang can set up series of trampolines to fly higher and higher with every bounce, control their direction from bounce to bounce, and even push boxes and boulders onto trampolines.

2. Transporters
These floating platforms can transport our heroes across rivers, lava, and even empty space. They are somewhat temperamental though, and mastering their controls will require your wit and persistence.

3. Sticky Cubes
Sticky blobs of purple goo, these cubes behave much like regular boxes. But move them too close to one another and watch them solidify into a solid barrier.

4. Linked Spheres
These red, blue, yellow and green spheres behave like boulders - start them rolling and they don't stop until they hit an obstacle. But each sphere is linked to every other sphere of matching colour, no matter how far they are apart. Move one, and you might have an avalanche of rolling spheres on your hands.

5. Pushable Cannons
One of the game features first suggested by members of the game community, these cannons can be pushed into new positions much like boxes. They can even be pushed onto ice and conveyor belts for particularly devious puzzle designs.

6. First Person Perspective
Another feature "by popular demand", this function allows you to play any Wonderland level from a first person 3d perspective. Create totally new types of levels and explore Wonderland in a whole new way!

7. Warp Gates
Ever feel like a particular level just doesn't have enough enemies? Well, with the new Warp Gates in place, re-inforcements can be called in to create a never-ending stream of Z-Bots, Kaboom!s, Chompers, Ghosts, and more.

8. Shadow Stinkers
These enigmatic creatures appear to be mirror images of Stinky, Loof, Qookie, and Peegue. They mimic, in reverse, your every move. Use them to help solve puzzles, but beware - some of them have a bad temper and are known to lob a few fireballs in your direction!

9. Custom Textures and Backgrounds
For the creative types out there, we have two new ways to make your level creations even more unique. You can now supply your own textures for floors, walls, and backgrounds to create a level unlike any other.

10. Last But Not Least...
The Platinum Edition also comes with a brand new twenty level adventure for Stinky and Loof and an updated level editor. So what are you waiting for? Visit us online now to get Platinum, and get Wonderlanding!

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