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THE MIDNIGHT POST * February 2007
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The Wonderland Gallery

Welcome to the first edition of the Wonderland Gallery, where we showcase Wonderland art from players around the world! In this issue we have four diverse entries that were sent in for a Wonderland Adventures competition. Other entries will be showcased in future editions.

If you wish to submit an entry, please send us the image, song, poem, etc. "Maya", the Wonderland Gallery curator, will check them over for possible inclusion in future editions of the Gallery. Particularly creative entries might even be selected for future prize draws.

Warhol's Qookie
by Liz Mayhew

Handmade Stinker Dolls
by Donna Rushing

Stinky in Flight
by AndySquirrel

Where did they all go?
by BruceB (tee-hee)

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