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Titan Attacks!

Before the Wonderland series of games were released, we created a number of retro-themed arcade games, including the Intensity XS games. We definitely have a soft spot for the simple elegance of a 1980s style space shooter such as Space Invaders and Galaga, and Titan Attacks from our friends at Puppy Games is a great example of the genre.

Once again, Earth is under attack from evil aliens. And once again, you are Earth's last, best, and only hope! These particular green guys are from Titan, but that hardly seems to matter. Jump into your spaceship, control it with the mouse (left button fires lasers, right button fires one of your precious smart bombs), and blast those aliens out of the sky. Earn cash to upgrade your ship's weapon and defense systems, advance through 100 different waves of enemy fighters, and compete worldwide thanks to the built-in online highscore system.

If you enjoy space themed arcade blasters, we highly recommend that you give Titan Attacks a try. Have fun, and good luck!

Click here to download and play the free demo of Titan Attacks!

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