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The Midnight Post
Issue #14: December 2007
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Happy (almost) Holidays!

We hope this issue of the Midnight Post doesn't find you buried in too much snow. But if the temperatures outside are frightful, this issue is quite delightful!

We have a list of the Top Ten Great Free Games of 2007 - enough to keep you busy for many cold winter nights. Then there's the second part in our Making Of Wonderland Adventures series. We also look back (with rather fond memories) at the classic game R-Type. Finally, this issue has a quick look at the first Wonderland Adventures Custom Adventures, as well as a brand new edition of Peegue's Puzzle Page.

We wish you all a very happy, healthy, and wonderlandful end of the year, and we'll see you all back in 2008 with more games and fun!

In this issue:
Top Ten Free Games of 2007
The Making of Wonderland Adventures (Part II)
Classic Gaming: R-Type
Wonderland Community Spotlight
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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