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Issue #20: July 2009
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Looking back...

It's been a little quieter than usual around the Midnight Synergy office. While the gears are (slowly) cranking away at several concepts for future games, there is nothing concrete to show for it yet - all of these projects are still a long way off.

Instead, we thought we'd take this issue to look back into the past. First off, we have a look at Wonderland Adventures and some of the more obscure retro gaming elements that made their way into the world of Wonderland. Then we look back a the level development for Return To Wonderland with a new home for the Wonderland Archive - home to over ten thousand custom levels, level solutions, and much, much more! We also have a peek at some free homebrew retro remakes, and even Peegue's Puzzle Page has taken on a retro theme.

Finally, if you haven't had a chance, check out our amazing summer special on right now. It's a great opportunity to pick up our games or purchase them for a loved one.

In this issue:
Wonderland Adventure Retro Connection
The Wonderland Archive
Retro Remakes 2008 Spotlight
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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