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Issue #21: November 2009
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Hello again!

Welcome to Issue #21 of the Midnight Post. It continues to be a little quieter than usual in the world of Wonderland. Design work for a third Wonderland Adventures continues, but there is not much to show off yet. We are still in the process of crystalizing design ideas, both for the game's many locations as well as the many new puzzle elements. Once we have something more tangible, you'll be the first to know.

We hope you can continue to be patient. We do like to take our time with these games, so it is unlikely that this title will see its release before mid-late 2010.

We do have some other fun Wonderland news in this issue, including the release of Wonderland Illustrations as a free download, a look at the Wonderland community activities, and a tongue-in-cheek review of our attempts to re-create classic arcade games in Return To Wonderland. There's also a great new game bundle available. Finally, our retro spotlight and Peegue's Puzzle Page round out this issue.

We hope you enjoy this little read. Until next time!

In this issue:
Reflexive Game Bundle
Wonderland Illustrations
Community Spotlight
RTW Arcade Games
Retro Videos
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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