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THE MIDNIGHT POST * December 2010
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Sneak Peek:
Wonderland Adventures 3

After a creative pause, we are please to announce that work has begun on the third chapter of the Wonderland Adventures saga: Planet of the Z-Bots.

The game is still in a very early development phase, but there are some things we can already disclose. Wonderland Adventures: Planet of the Z-Bots will take you to new places within Wonderland, such as the famed Wonderland Academy of Magic, but it will also let you explore entire new worlds filled with their own mysteries, puzzles, and strange - if familiar - inhabitants. You will travel deep into the wasteland of the planet “Barren”, be mystified by the enigmatic world of “Uo”, and of course pay a visit to the homeworld of the nefarious Z-Bots.

The game will also be chock-full of new gameplay elements and creatures. Will you unlock the inner workings of the Z-Bot transportation mechanisms? Will you evade the dangerous traps of the Lurkers? And will you master Indigo Power, the last remaining Rainbow Magic?

Far too much work remains to be done to even hint at an official release date, although at this point we cannot see it happening before the Summer of 2011. In the meantime, the Wonderland Discussion Board will contain updates as they come in, including progress updates, screenshots, and more.

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