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THE MIDNIGHT POST * November 2013
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Chuck's Challenge

Many of you are likely familiar with Chuck Sommerville, creator of the classic Atari Lynx (and later PC) game Chip’s Challenge. The classic puzzle design of Chip’s Challenge was one of the many inspirations for Wonderland, and we were very happy to find out that Chuck enjoyed our games (and even created a level for Return To Wonderland). You can read our interview with Chuck here.

Now Chuck Sommerville has teamed up with the folks at Niffler to release his latest project, Chuck’s Challenge 3D. Chuck’s Challenge is in many ways the spiritual follow-up to Chip’s Challenge, and fans of the classic Wonderland trilogy will find plenty to love in this game: clever puzzle challenges and deviously designed levels.

Chuck’s Challenge is highly recommended! You can watch video trailers, get game information, and download the game at www.chuckschallenge.com.

We’ve been fans of Mr. Sommerville’s work over the decades (his portfolio includes 1983's classic adventure “Gruds in Space” and work on Epyx’s “Summer Games” series). Chuck’s Challenge is another great puzzle game, and we are very excited to see what will come next.

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