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Peegue's Puzzle Extravaganza:
Stinker Logic

Three stinkers received brand new shoes, brand new hats, as well as pom-poms for the top of their hats. They quickly realized that the only three colours they used were blue, red, and green.

1. Nobody's hat was the same colour as their pom-pom.
2. Nobody's shoes were the same colour as their hat.
3. One stinker had matching red shoes and pom-pom.
4. Two stinkers had green shoes.
5. The stinker with the red hat did not have blue shoes.
6. The stinker with the blue hat was to the left of the stinker with the red hat.
7. The stinker with the green hat was to the right of the stinker with the red hat.
8. The blue hat and the red hat have matching pom-poms.

Can you correctly match hats, pom-poms and shoes with each stinker? Print out this page (click here for a printable PDF version) and give it a try!

This puzzle might take some time to work out, so don't give up too easily. Make time on a Sunday morning, grab a cup of tea or coffee, put your thinking cap on, and let the puzzle percolate in your mind.

If you think you are completely stuck, visit the Wonderland Discussion Board to discuss possible answers with fellow Wonderlanders.

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