How to use the shards by slimm tom

This is the list of where the shards take you:

Orange shard: Tutorial area, at the windmill
Indigo shard: Rainbow temple (The one in Wondertown, where Morklin works)
Red shard: Forever Forest
Blue shard: The Foggy Mountains
Green shard: The Wasteland
Yellow shard: One area below the corn field, at the red gate
Purple shard: Entrance of the Lonely Top

You must do this before you can use the shards :

Before you can use the shards, you must have the first four.
After you have these, talk to Morklin, he tells you about another Rainbow temple (The one just outside Wondertown)
You must go there and cross the rainbow pool Morklin told about.
After that, talk to Morklin again, ask him how the shards work, and he tell you.

I don't want to give too detailed instructions about how to use the shards. I think people enjoy it most if they find out themselves.

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