Return to Wonderland
Level Editor
General Guidelines

The following are some general guidelines when creating levels
for Return to Wonderland:

1. Save your Work!
This should go without saying, but always make sure that you save your levels. If you are working on a big level, you might wish to save several times during your design process. Since saving a level under the same name will overwrite the old level, you might wish to change your name each time you save (e.g. "mylevel1a", "mylevel1b", ...), and hence keep older versions - just in case.

2. Start Small, Start Easy
While you might have already thought of elaborate puzzle designs for complex and involving levels, we would strongly encourage you to start your puzzle maker career with only a few gameplay elements. Start, for example, just with Stinky, Boxes, and Water. Play your level to make sure it works as you thought it would. Then start adding new elements, such ace ice patches, or monsters. Don't add too much at once, until you are comfortable with each of the gameplay elements.

3. Work it out on Paper
Many puzzles, especially those involing boxes or boulders, are best planned out on paper. While the level editor gives you the ability to change your level design "on the go", you will enjoy creating the level design process much more if you have a clear idea of what a level should look like before you start the editor.

4. Experiment
There are countless combinations of gameplay elements. We have create almost 200 levels in Wonderland and Return To Wonderland, each with its unique style and challenges. We believe there are thousands more to be created. Don't be afraid to try out new combinations of elements. You might even wish to try some "forbidden" combinations, such as boxes on bridges, just to see if perhaps a new puzzle can be built around them.

5. Test, Test, Test
Especially in light of the above point, make sure that you play-test your level thoroughly before giving it to friends or posting it on the Level Exchange. How might a player approach a problem? Are there several solutions? Does your puzzle have unexpected side-effects? Your level might be played by many different people with many different approaches - make sure it will work for them.

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