World 2 - Level 10
Escape from the Foggy Mountains

Destroy the keg markeg in green - you don't need it. Use the boulder and Stinky to keep the two conveyor buttons pressed, and retrieve the prisms using Loof. Place Prisms (using both Stinky and Loof) at all yellow "X"s, starting with the position furthest from the cannon. This will clear out the three powder kegs blocking your path. Now roll the boulder (again, using Stinky and Loof to "leapfrog" positions) down that same path and into the final group of powder kegs.

And because we're feeling generous, here's another hint (but we'll only tell you once) - remember that the Deluxe Edition also contains some additional secret features? Well, one clue for one of those features is right here in this level. Can you find it, as well as the other clues to unlock these features?