World 5 - Level 3
Entry Denied

Warning - this level requires lightning reflexes and great timing! Be warned that you might lose a few hairs over this one!

Stinky is exposed to the UFO. The only way to save the day is to have Qookie or Loof slide boxes over the ice to intercept incoming fireballs. The following is one way to time things: Immediately switch to Loof and build two bridges using the yellow boxes at the yellow "X"s. Then use the red box on the right side to intercept the first fireball (slide the box just after the UFO fires). Now push the green box to the green "X" and position Loof at the black "X". Switch to Qookie, slide the purple box to the right side, then use the red box on the left side to intercept the next fireball (use the SHIFT key to see when the UFO is coming). Switch back to Loof and build a bridge at the purple "X". Switch to Stinky and escape.

Phew! Once the pressure is off Stinky you can use the remaining boxes to collect coins and exit.