World 5 - Level 5
Beam Me Up!

You need to set up the steel box and boulders to form a shield for the outer conveyor while Stinky rides on the inner conveyor. However note that the outer track is longer, requiring "shield" to be four steps apart so that Stinky's position matches one of the boulders or steel box for each of the three sides of the journey.

Use Stinky and Loof to position the two boulders at the yellow circles (using the steel box as a "stopper"), then push the steel box to the yellow square. Switch to Stinky. Position Stinky on the green "X". Switch to Qookie and release the conveyor button under the wood box.

To collect the bonus coins you'll need to use the wooded bridges to swap position of the steel and wood box (blue arrow). The wood box will be destroyed in the flames behind the teleporter, allowing you to reach the coins. Finally, step on the second conveyor button, exit with Loof and Qookie, and finally exit with Stinky.