World 6 - Level 6
Rescue Mission

Time to get Peegue out of prison. Get Stinky, Loof, and Qookie into the main hall past the circling UFO, the electro tiles and the Zbot. At the bottom of the main hall, push three marked barrels down and then one to the side. Position one character at the purple "X" to now retrieve the box. Place the box on the white button. Collect coins in the hall. You may also wish to distribute more barrels in the white square area. The penned up Z-Bots will be released later, and a few barrels can be an effective barrier (space them at least two tiles apart, or one explosion will take out more than one barrel).
Now activate the blue button with one character and step through the blue teleporter with another. To get the bonus coins behind the teleporter, step off the blue button again and walk back into the blue teleporter. Next follow the green path to get the first steel box into the winding corridor. You need to get five steel boxes out of this area in total (you'll need to use two characters to retrieve one of them - step on the green "X" with one and push a steel box in front of that position with the other character. Position the steel boxes at the yellow circles, then (after the UFO has passed) push the lowest steel box along the yellow arrow. This will release the UFO into the winding corridor, where it will bounce off the boxes to make its way to the top. Run back ahead of it and position yourself just below the green "X" - you need to get the UFO to fire a shot at the wood box to destroy it (dodging the fireball yourself, of course). Now Peegue can escape.

Open the yellow, purple, and green button with three characters, get the fourth one into the final room. (Note: this will release the Z-Bots - you can reduce the number of Z-Bots substantially by first walking back and forth on the three buttons - this will open and close the gates catching Z-Bots along the way). Push the wood box into the teleporter along the red arrow. This now allows the other three characters to enter the purple teleporter. Collect coins and exit.