World 6 - Level 7
Payback Time

First, use Stinky to take out the two UFOs using the barrels circled in yellow. Make sure, however, that all three barrels are destroyed in the process (e.g. use one UFO to shoot one barrel first). Now use the yellow path over the grate and position yourself just below the white button. Switch to Loof and move over the green path. Dump the Prism into the water at the green "x". Prepare to dump the left reflector into the same spot, but don't do it yet. Switch back to Stinky. Time the cannon behind the white gate and open the gate after a shot has been fired. Wait until the next shot passes the first generator above it, then quickly switch to Loof and dump the reflector in the water. The generators will now create a path for fireballs to destroy the remaining UFOs. Use the wood box to complete a bridge over the water for Qookie and Peegue. Move Stinky through the teleporters (Loof can follow and collect Bonus coins by having Stinky block the teleporter exits).

Move Stinky into the blue teleporter (to the yellow "X"), switch to Loof and move Loof into the teleporter (to the green "X"). Switch back to Stinky, enter the red/yellow teleporters and push the two barrels one step up. Now push the left steel box along the light blue path and stay at the light blue "X". Switch to Qookie! Move Qookie through the blue teleporter and push down the left boulder. Have Stinky push the steel box along the first part of the blue path. Switch to Peegue, and have Peegue step through the blue teleporter and onto the conveyor belt. This will move the box one step up and will allow you to push it into the red teleporter. Now roll the left boulder into the red teleporter, destroying the left barrel. Repeat on the right side, using Loof (who's still on the green "X") to do the equivalent of Peegue's job.
Finally, put Stinky on the top-left red button, move Loof and Qookie through the open red gate - have one of them push the yellow button in front of the exit, allowing Stinky and Peegue to escape.