World 6 - Level 9
Payback Time - Part II

This level can be finished in two ways - an easy way, and a much more satisfying way.

Want to pay those UFOs a lesson? Destroy their motherships! (there's a hint on how to do this in the "To The Escape Hatch" level). First, destroy the yellow reflector by pushing it into a dead-end conveyor. Move to of the newly generated reflectors into the indicated positions. Now repeat with the green reflector. A fireball is now directed toward the Motherships centres. To make the Motherships rise, both UFOs on the sides have to be destroyed. Open and close the yellow and purple gates as a UFO passes through the gate to destroy it. The Motherships will rise, and if the timing is just right, a fireball will hit it the moment it releases new Flying Saucers. This step might require several tries (simply destroy the two remaining UFOs again if your shot is mis-timed).