World 7 - Level 4

Start moving immediately (even before the level lights are fully turned on)! Get Stinky and Loof out to the left, then Qookie and Peegue to the blue "X"s. If you are fast enough, either Qookie or Peegue will have enough time to collect the bonus coin in blue. You will need to build a bridge along the green "X"s, using nine boxes. Push the boxes left of Qookie/Peegue into the water to activate the box generator. Let Stinky drop boxes into the water on the left, let Loof collect the fourth box and destroy it in one of the flames. This will generate another new set of boxes. Repeat, destroy the box again, and use the third set of three boxes to complete the green bridge.
You can now use the red and blue button to release Peegue and Qookie (one at a time). If you are quick, both can collect the two bonus coins in their respective corners as well. To get the final four bonus coins (on the lower island) requires even quicker fingers. There are no more flames left to destroy the right hand box, but you can use Loof to push the box into one of the open gates, which will snap shut, destroy it, and give you three new boxes to build the yellow bridge. Everything can be done (destroy box, rescue Qookie/Peegue, collect extra coins) with just enough time left - but you need to be very very quick.