World 7 - Level 8
Gateway to the Rainbow World

Start with Loof and Qookie and quickly build a bridge over the (yellow) water. Do this first, or the cannon will destroy the powder kegs. Cross the bridge with Loof first, push down the box (yellow arrow) and stand at the yellow "X". Now cross with Qookie, and use this and the next box to build bridges at the green "X"s. Enter the teleporter, collect coins, and exit via the bridge (green path).
Now switch to Peegue. Push the boulder left (red arrow) and collapse the bridge (red "X") by stepping on and off. Fill the water hole with the two boulders (push the second one right along the orange arrow, just be sure to get out of its way as it rolls back. Place the two steel boxes at organge "X"s. Collapse the bridge at the purple "X", fill it with two boulders (one is easy, use the ice path and the steel boxes for the other one). Repeat with the second bridge (blue "X"). Collect the coins beyond.
Finally, switch to Stinky. Enter each side via the conveyor and exit via the bridge to do some initial re-arrangement of the boxes - get the seven boxes into position marked by white "X"s, then position Stinky at the white circle. Now walk RR,U,L,D,LL,DD,RRR,U,RR,D,L,D, L,U,LLL,UU,RR,U,RR,DD,R,D,LLLL, U,L,UU,RR,D,L,DD,RRR,UUU,L,R,DDD, LLL,UU,RR,U,R,DD,U,LLL,DD,RR,U,R, U,L,DD,LL,U,LL,D,RR,UUU,L,DD.
The path to the rainbow world is now open.

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