World 10 - Level 5
There's got to be another way!

You obviously cannot get through the succession of spikes and electro-tiles, so you have to find another way. Notice that the top and bottom Flying Saucer are always at exact mirror positions, so you can predict where one Saucer will be at all times, just by watching the other.

Position yourself at the right edge, and have the top Saucer destroy all boxes in the yellow rectangle. Use the remaining three boxes to build bridges at each yellow "X". Always be careful that you time your steps with the Flying Saucer. You will want two boxes (in green) on the left side to be destroyed, but not more! You'll uncover a red teleporter!

Enter the teleporter, push the box up and down (along purple path) back into the teleporter, and build a bridge (careful timing!) at the purple "X". To get the other box to the blue "X" will require very good timing and careful movements close to the Flying Saucers. Enter the top red teleporter from below, walk around the "island" and re-enter the bottom teleporter from below, pushing the box into it. Walk up and around the box, and push it back into the top teleporter from above (never do this when a Flying Saucer is close, you risk destroying the box!). Now move back around the island with the box (!) and get it into the bottom red teleporter from above. You can now build a bridge at the blue "X" and collect all coins, and exit.