World 2 - Level 1
Walking on Hot Coals

This level is a giant circle. Stinky and Loof must each choose one path - clockwise or counter-clockwise, and remove all obstacles such that the cannon's fireball can reach and destroy the boxes that block the final exit. First, switch to Loof and move the right reflector in front of the cannon. Now complete the clockwise circuit.

The extra bonus points can be picked up by using the above path. Always be careful of the fireball that will follow you around the circuit. Stay on the final island in the lower right corner of the level. Do not move to the exit or the fireball will hit you.

Now switch to Stinky, and replace the right with the left reflector. Move counter-clockwise around the level.

At the steel boxes, move the right box along the purple arrow first, then build a bridge in the lower centre using the two boxes along the white arrow. To collect the bonus points, push the remaining boxes along yellow arrows. Complete the circuit, wait for the fireball to destroy all boxes, then exit.