World 2 - Level 8
Chomping at the Bit

You have two groups of Chompers after Stinky and Loof - you'll have to move fast! First move Stinky and Loof onto the purple and yellow button, then quickly move them to the positions marked with a yellow (Stinky) and purple (Loof) "X". Catch your breath, then move Stinky into the yellow teleporter, collect the coins, and stay at the purple "X". This will cause the red Chompers to bunch up around the area marked with a purple circle, which will block the yellow Chompers from getting at Loof!

Move Loof into the red teleporter, collect coins, then safely exit toward the top of the level along the red path. For some bonus points, move the steel box, then the boulder, along the white arrows. Next, move the box/boulder along the blue arrow (start with the box). This will allow you to push the boulder along the green arrow, which will eliminate two Chompers for 500 Bonus Points.

Finally, move Loof into the left area (!) and move Stinky out of the teleporter and into the upper right (!) area of the level. Open the green/blue gates, have Stinky collect the one Rainbow coin, then move as far south as possible. Now repeat with Loof. Walk carefully, always remembering that who the Chompers are following, to collect the Bonus Coins and exit.