World 3 - Level 1
This Doesn't Look Very Inviting

Move Stinky straight up the bridge, switch to Loof and zig zag to collect the remaining coins. The gate to the haunted castle will open. Move Loof to the green button and use it to trap the Kaboom! inside the room marked with a green circle. Be sure not to destroy the Kaboom!

Now use Stinky and Loof and push the boxes marked in red to fill in the two broken bridges to either side. Move Stinky next to the yellow button, and Loof to the white "X". Have Stinky step on the yellow button, and immediately switch to Loof. Get Loof into the room to the left. The Kaboom! will enter the top-right room and activate the timer button. Get Loof around the corner (time it carefully to avoid fireballs). You only get one chance, as the cannon will quickly destroy the Kaboom!

Now enter the Teleporter and exit the level.