World 3 - Level 3
Things are starting to get
a little Spooky around here!

The first part of this level requires you to roll four Boulders to activate the purple button (and keep it active). To do so, roll them in the direction and order indicated above.

Both Stinky and Loof can now exit this chamber and be transported to the next room. This will be your first introduction to Ghosts! Ghosts can move through solid objects, such as boxes, coins, even closed laser gates. They cannot, however, cross water, so you are quite safe to begin with.

This will change once you build a bridge with the box. Keep switching between Stinky and Loof to avoid getting too close to the Ghost with either of them. Use Stinky to activate the outside green Button, get Loof inside the gate and onto the other green Button. Get Stinky into the gate as well, and exit.