World 5 - Level 4
Can't See the Forest for the Trees

We begin by being chased by some Chompers. Move to the yellow circle, and guide the first Chomper to the blue gate. Activate the button and lock the Chomper in. Repeat with the other Chomper and the green gate. Collect the Rainbow coin behind the purple/yellow gates.

Now make your way to the exit area using the green path. Once there, move the two Boulders in the dark blue box into the water to their right. Now push Boulders along the light blue, white, and purple paths (in that order). The final Rainbow Coin is now in reach.

There is another hidden bonus area in this level. Roll the two Boulders along black paths to build a bridge at the red "X", and follow the secret path indicated in red. You'll emerge in a forest which contains twenty Bonus Coins, some very well hidden. Find as many as you can, and exit.