World 5 - Level 5
What's Hidden in that Hedge?

Start by building a bridge using the yellow box at the yellow "X". Move Reflectors in order to guide a single fireball along the red path and destroy one (only one!) of the red boxes. Be prepared to deflect or re-guide the fireball's path after the first shot - you need the other box to get to the bonus coin next to it.

Now use two of the reflectors to build a bridge at the purple "X", which brings us to our central question... what's in that hedge in the middle? You can't walk into it, so it isn't empty, but there also isn't a coin, or box, or boulder in there. It's also not a monster - it would have gotten you already! What's left? That's right, it's Loof! Switch to Loof and use the steel boxes to complete the bridge to the Rainbow Coins. Now Stinky and Loof can let each other throught the yellow/purple gates, collect the Bonus Coins, and exit.