World 6 - Level 1
That Sinking Feeling

Move Stinky along the yellow path to the small island. Start with the right side of boulders! Move the central boulder to the left along the yellow path to get it out of the way (other than that, the left and right side of the island are identical). Now move boulders along the green, then red, then white arrows to activate the purple button. Move the yellow boulder onto the yellow button. Repeat on the left side to also open the green gate. At this point you can also build a bridge with two boulders at the purple "X". Get to the exit, collecting all coins on the way.

Switch to Loof, move along the light blue path, pushing one box into the water along the light blue arrow, then a second box along the dark blue arrow. Collect the coin, and use the other boxes to build a bridge along the dark blue "X"s. Collect all coins and exit.