World 7 - Level 1
Dark Caverns

Move the Steel Box to the yellow "X". Move boulders along yellow arrows, and roll the boulder from the steel box into the water (marked in red). Now move remaining boulders along green arrows and complete the bridge. Collect the Rainbow Coins in the room behind the water, but do not collect the Bonus Coin yet!!!

Move Stinky into the cannon room and enter the central island from the top bridge. Move the purple reflector to the right, then switch to Loof and position Loof at the purple "X". Using both Stinky and Loof, push the light blue reflector into position, and quickly move Stinky out of the cannon's aim by taking the lower bridge (light blue "X"). This will destroy one of the boxes. To destroy the second box, carefully (!) move - using both Stinky and Loof, the blue reflector to the position that the purple reflector originally occupied. This will require a moment of fast action to get both Stinky and Loof out of harms way. Collect the two Rainbow Coins.

To get at the remaining Bonus Coins, enter the final room. Collapse the bridge in the white circle, and use the steel box and the circled boulder to rebuild it. Roll the second boulder along the white arrow. If you didn't collect the Bonus Coin above, you will now be able to roll the boulder through the wooden boxes and get to the treasure chamber.