World 9 - Level 1

Please note that this level was fixed in version 1.01.

Begin with Stinky, moving the boxes in the given order out of the way. Now push the remaining three accessible boxes (in the red box) out of the room, first two onto the yellow "X"s, then one onto the right green "X". Move the remaining box one step down along the blue arrow, then prepare to step off the conveyor belt button. When you do so, switch to Loof and get ready to run!

Wait until the first boulder passes, then run into the spiral and alway stay ahead of the boulder chasing you. Make sure that once you step through the red teleporter, you immediately (!) take one step north (orange arrow), and exit the room before the gate closes shut.

Phew! Now help Stinky get the last box out of that room and onto the left green "X". Move Stinky into the left yellow teleporter to collect the bonus coins. Stay to the very left of the interior strip, and have Loof push in one of the boxes. Switch to Stinky and move the box one field left (by going into the teleporter again), then have Loof push in the second box. The teleporter is now disabled, and both Stinky and Loof can exit.