Wonderland Secret Worlds Solutions

Need to know how to solve a level? Want to get all those Bonus Points? Check the links below for a small hint or complete solutions of selected levels in the full version!

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Use this with caution, but there is a cheat to skip unsolved levels.

Stinky's Cove and the Windy Hills
Welcome Back, Stinky
Chompers in the Woods
Playing with Fire
At the Shore
Island Hopping
Stinky and Loof, Together Again
Through the Hills
Temple Ruins
The Amphitheatre
Across the Lake
Stormy Weather


One-Way Streets
Flower St.
Mushroom Grove
Meet the Mayor, Save the Mayor
Living on Borrowed Time
Wonderland Canals
Two for Two
The Abandonded Warehouse
The Old Windmill

The Plains

Somewhere on the edge of Wondertown...
Team Work
Ocean View Harbour
The River Delta
The Lost Cave

Creepy Keep

Finding a Way Out and a Way In
The Way Out
Watch Your Step
Crossing the Drawbridge
Lookout Tower

The Foggy Mountains

At Crystal Lake
The Lost Wonderland Mine
Entrance to the Caves
Alien Resort
Foggy Peak
Kaboom! Cave
The Road is Blocked
Cannon Cave
The Ice Cave

Fire Island

Free the Key
Fire Island Fort
Fire Island Bowl
The Peninsula
Free Peegue

The Volcano

Don't Lava Me Behind
Toxic Mirage
The Artifact
All Alone
Loof and the Troll
Z-Bot Lair
Together Again
Heart of Fire
Secret Cave

Forever Forest

Dangerous Encounter

The Wasteland

The Enemy
The Oasis
The Shack
Spirits of the Desert Wind
The Mineshaft
The Washout

The Void

Welcome to the Void
The Treadmill
Trapped in a Vortex
Escape from the Void

Cloud City

Magic of the Rainbow
Hidden Safety
City Square
Neighbourhood Watch

Stinker Rescue

Stinker Rescue

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