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The Wonderland Game:
Community Update

Fifth Anniversary Competition Results!

In our last issue we announced a Return To Wonderland custom level creation competition to celebrate Wonderland's fifth anniversary, and our community of level makers answered the call! A final set of thirteen wonderfully creative levels was submitted and voted on by players. The results are in...

The three grand prize winners are, in order, Liz Mayhew for her "Fireworks for the Fifth", Janet Galle for her retrospective "Wonderland 2002 to 2007" and Lillie for her "Saving Private Patrick". The race was so tight that both Janet and Lillie received the same score - the edge, however, went to Janet as she had one more perfect 10/10 score.

Congratulations to the three winners for truly fun anniversary levels!
Of course, one should not dismiss the other ten entries - each offering a different take on five years of puzzles, action, and adventure. Here are all thirteen levels and their final scores:

# Username Level Score
1 Liz Mayhew Fireworks for the Fifth 8.91 of 10
2 Janet Galle Wonderland 2002 to 2007 8.23 of 10
3 Lillie Saving Private Patrick 8.23 of 10
4 Kiki Glory and Celebration 7.85 of 10
5 Uneekrose Different Worlds 7.58 of 10
6 Muzozavr Wonderland's Fifth Anniversary 7.33 of 10
7 Dizzy1 Welcome to my Wonderworld 7.23 of 10
8 Lutz Annie Versary 7.18 of 10
9 Cathy Five Golden Years 6.82 of 10
10 Mahaloof Opus Grande 6.75 of 10
11 Wonderfull 5 Candles 6.33 of 10
12 Wonderland01 Lucky Number 5 4.17 of 10
13 Tyteen4a03 Hey, but what they all go? 3.54 of 10

If you haven't done so yet, you can download the entire anniversary level set by clicking here (unzip the levels into your RTWP CustomLevel directory to play them).

'Who Did What?' Competition

A secondary competition was also held to allow players to guess which user made what level... the winner of this competition is Lillie, who amazingly guessed almost all of the levelmakers correctly. Finally, all that time spent on the forum pays off. ;)


For more information on contests, polls, and more, log onto the Wonderland discussion forum (follow the link in the game's main menu).

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