# 103
Adventure Mystery Message (rainbow adv.)
Location Jungle
Solution by popo and Qloof234


Solution by popo

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Solution by Qloof234

From the start, things are mysterious right from clicking the sign:



This “puzzle” is extremely hard, and only because there is no key to decode it.

However, after painstakingly decoding it, the message says: THE EXCLUSION OF CERTAIN LETTERS MAKES THIS MESSAGE UTTER NONSENSE


Underlined letters serve a purpose here. E stands for East, S for South, and N for North.


If you move correctly, one tile in each direction when the letter shows up, then two bridges will appear after about a second.


The second message is a lot easier to decode, however:


The second message is a map: O stands for floor, W for water, and X’s are barrels.


Here’s my representation in Paint:

Follow the red path on my image (or the blinking O trail on the original), and if you did it right, the gate to the star will stay up.



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by Mette