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Frazzled Game Guide

3. Colours and Special Abilities

Frazzled gradually increased the difficulty of your tasks by adding additional colours. Creating vertical stacks with only five colours is easy - you simply need to sort them into the five available columns. Once new colours are introduced, your various tasks become increasingly difficult.

# Colour: First Contact: # Colour: First Contact:
1. Gold Level 1 6. Dark Green Level 7
2. Red Level 1 7. Orange Level 11
3. Purple Level 2 8. Pink Level 23
4. Blue Level 2 9. Neon Green Level 41
5. Cyan Level 2 10. Black Level 67

Certain balls in Frazzled have special abilities. Not all of them are available in all levels, and a successful strategy will often involve knowing which balls are available in a given level and how to use them properly once you've collected them. Note that you never have to collect any special balls - they do not count as strikes if missed.

Rainbow Balls

These balls will match any colour and are great for completing stacks in a hurry.
Hint: while rainbow balls offer "an easy way out", you should often hold on to them to create combinations or longer stacks.

Fire Balls

These balls obliterate an entire column of blocks when used.
Hint: If you have a fire ball, you can often create a "throw-away" column of colours you do not need which can then be wiped clean.

Time Balls

These balls freeze time, while still allowing you to move and drop blocks. Great to get a break and review the situation or to carefully plan more advanced block arrangements.

Power Balls

When dropped onto a colour, these balls will eliminate all blocks of the same colour. This can be a great tool for chain reactions, but the optimal use of power balls is extremely difficult to master.

Bonus Balls

These balls award you with an instantaneous 1000 Point bonus.

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