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Frazzled Game Guide

4. Scoring - The Basics

It's all about getting far and scoring high. When you first encounter a new challenge, your only priority might be to survive long enough to see the next level. However, you will later want to revisit easier levels to try and place blocks in trickier arrangements that yield a higher score.

In general, the score value of an arrangement is related to how difficult it was to obtain. A simple three-in-a-row vertical stack is the easiest arrangement and earns you just five points. A diagonal five-in-a-row is much harder to get and will yield a much higher score - 2500 points! In general, vertical three-in-a-rows are great to clear the board or to eliminate colours that are no longer needed, but they do not help you in attaining a place on our global high score list.

Here are the basic score values for each arrangement:

3-In-A-Row 4-In-A-Row 5-In-A-Row
Vertical 5 500 5000
Horizontal 100 250 1000
Diagonal 500 1000 2500
Big X 30000

Other Scoring Opportunities

Chain Bonus: Create a chain reaction to increase the score for any arrangement. See the next section for details.

Combo Bonus: Complete two or more stacks at once to increase the score for any arrangement. See the next section for details.

Score Multiplier: New points earned will at all times be multiplied by this value. See more details in the score multiplier section.

Time Bonus: Receive five bonus points for every second left on the clock when the level is completed. Warning: if your time runs out you end up losing points quickly!

Strike Bonus: At the end of each fifth level all strikes are cleared. However, if you've had less than three strikes you also receive 2000 bonus points for each clear spot.

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