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Frazzled Game Guide

5. Scoring - Combos and Chains


A combination occurs when two or more stacks are completed with a single block. The diagram shows how two diagonal or one vertical/horizontal/diagonal stack could be completed at once.

Complete two stacks at once, and your score for the arrangement is doubled. For example, two three-in-a-row diagonals will count for (2)(500+500) = 2000 points!

Complete three or more stacks at once and your score for the entire arrangement is quadrupled. The above arrangement of a vertical, horizontal, and diagonal stack will yield (4)(5+100+500)=2420 points!

Since rainbow balls can match any colour, they are the essential tool to create combinations.

Chain Reactions

A chain reaction occurs when the completion of one stack in turn completes a second stack. In the diagram, completing the stack will eliminate all red blocks, which will cause the green blocks to form a vertical four-in-a-row.

A chain bonus is applied to each subsequent stack. The green four-in-a-row will gain a quadruple bonus, and hence is worth (4)(500)=2000 points. Should the disappearance of the green tiles cause another stack to be formed in turn, its score would be multiplied by six. Subsequent stacks would have their scores increased by eight, ten, twelve, etc.

Note that you cannot drop any blocks from your paddle while a chain reaction is in progress or your dropped block will count as the potential start of a new chain.

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