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Frazzled Game Guide

6. Scoring - The Score Multiplier

The heart of obtaining a high score in Frazzled lies in understanding the power of the score multiplier. The game begins with a score multiplier of one. Play well, and the score multiplier increases to two, three, four, and even higher values. Your current score multiplier is applied to any new scores gained, including scores from stack arrangements, combo or chain bonus scores, time bonus scores, or strike bonus scores. For example, a Big X completed while your score multiplier is four counts for a whopping (4)(30,000) = 120,000 points!!! Do you still want to try creating vertical stacks for five points each?!?

How To Increase The Score Multiplier

As you play, you may notice a small bar under the score multiplier slowly filling up. Once this bar is filled, the score multiplier is increased by one. The key to filling this multiplier bar is to play fast and well:

Speed Up The Game
Press the down arrow on your keyboard to double the speed of the oncoming balls. Things can get a little... well... frazzled, but speeding up gameplay will slowly increase the multiplier bar.

Create Stacks Quickly
Each time a stack is completed the multiplier bar increases a little. However, at all times the multiplier bar will slowly shrink if no stack has been completed in some time. Hence you always need to be creating stacks as quickly as possible to keep your multipliers happy.

Create Difficult Arrangements
Four- and five-in-a-rows give the multiplier a little extra boost, as do combo and chain bonuses. Creating several combo or chain arrangements in a row is guaranteed to boost your score multiplier considerably.

What's The Catch?

Higher score multipliers are great, but with each increase in your score multiplier the difficulty of the game will increase as well. Balls will bounce more quickly and in greater number toward you, making a strike more and more likely unless you have the skill to keep playing at this increased level of difficulty.

Also, any strike caused by a missed ball will decrease your multiplier by one point, or - if your multiplier is already one - empty any progress on your multiplier bar.

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